Monday, January 19, 2009

YeeHaw- Taste of Home

Shea and I just got home from the Texas American Saloon, right here in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Yep folks, we found ourselves a down-home honky-tonk full of line dancing Germans.
Decorated in Texas flags, license plates, fake rifles and old Garth Brooks' concert posters this place has it all...or at least Corona with lime, which is a welcomed taste of home. We showed the barkeep our Texas driver’s licenses, which he happily turned into show-and-tell with everyone behind the bar. We're the genuine article there and hope to start new careers consulting them on how best to Texas the place up some more.
My first suggestion was having Shea there every night in old Rocky Mountains and ropers, carrying a dip cup and beer but she quickly shot down that idea. We will be headed back every now and again for a little bit of home. Enjoy the website...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Rot Abend"

Or "Red Night"...that was the theme of the party that we went to last night and we had a blast. Everyone was to wear read and the drinks, appetizers, and food all somehow involved the color. A woman Shea works with named Corina (Romanian) was kind enough to invite us. It was a group of her classmates from her German class getting together to eat, drink, and practice their German. Very nice of her to include us.
We met people from all over. The hosts were Scottish; there was another American couple from Minnisota, a woman from Poland, another woman from Romania, a guy from South Africa, and two guys from France. Everyone was extremely friendly. The red wine was certainly flowing...we tried Cherry beer (interesting), cranberry juice and champagne, and some good old German beer. The appetizers included chips and salsa and a beet pie with brie. Some of the ladies then made handmade pasta with pesto sauce and fresh salad for dinner. One of the French guys brought some homemade French cakes for dessert that were wonderful.
We went not anticipating on staying too long, but we drank, shared stories, and laughed into the very early hours.
Though we feel a bit rough today, we had a great time and look forward to meeting with some of the couples again. It was a great idea for a party and who knows maybe a "Green Night" party is next...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Basketball- Deutsch Style

Last night Shea got a hanker'n to watch some live B-Ball...we should be able to find a decent game right, I mean this is where Dirk is from and all?
So, off it was to watch the Deutsch Bank (Frankfurt) Skyliners versus the Artland Dragons of the Euroleague Basketball Association. We got to the game just in time for the introduction of the teams. The lights got low and the spotlights, discoballs, and flames were in full effect as the home-teams starting lineup was introduced to the cheering fans. The stadium seats probably in the neighborhood of 4000, and there was a good turnout for the game as the fighting Skyliners sought to clinch a playoff birth with a victory over the Dragons. The "Flying Bembels" (a Bembel is a large pitcher used to serve apfelwein here, so let it not be said that the Germans don't have a sense of humor) were there with their bright uniforms and drums, which they used to hammer out inspiration for the team. At least half of the Skyliners roster is made up of American players, most of whom played division 1 ball. There was a pointguard from Drake, a post from Univ. of Miami, a #2 guard from Univ. of Missouri...not names you had ever heard before, but guys living the dream getting paid to play ball none the less. The Skyliners biggest star is their point guard Pascal Roller, a German player who also plays on the German National team for World league competition and the Olympics. He is the German Jason Kidd, same type of game...and poor shooting.
They battled out 4, 10-minute quarters. With no commercial time outs and no official time outs, the game flew by. These Germans love their outside shooting and until the second half there was very little inside game established. The two teams exchanged the lead numerous times with neither team able to pull more than 4 points ahead. With 2 minutes to play, they were tied. Crunch time. Come on “Flying Bembels”- get to hammering some uber inspiration. The home team Skyliners were able to get a couple of needed baskets in the following minute and found themselves ahead by 4 with a minute to play. The Dragons had 3 team fouls to give and used them. Both teams ate up their timeouts. But the Skyliners proved their dominance by taking down the mighty Dragons 76 - 70. The German Skyliner players celebrated their victory with a traditional German dance with the fans and all was good in Frankfurt am Main.
All in all, we had a great time. The dance team kept us in stitches and German's love of 80's dance music was on display during every team timeout. So for all you b-ball fans out there you now know you can plan your trip to see us around some exciting pro-ball.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow Day!

Schnee is on the ground, and for us two kids that spells Snow Day. It has been cold here for the last week or so and unusually sunny, but this morning we woke up to about 6 inches of snow on the ground.
It is pretty exciting for us Dallas'ites, who are generally used to sleet and ice for about one day each winter that turns Dallas on its ear.
Shea is all bundled up like the little brother in A Christmas Story and as soon as we find a garbage can lid we are off to try out for the co-ed bobsled team.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Celebration

So, for New Years (or as it is known here Silvester) Shea and I went to a place in downtown Frankfurt called the Jazzkeller. It is a small bar tucked away in the basement of a shopping district. It has been around for quite awhile and has played host to all the big names in Jazz music. For Silvester, they have a DJ who spins a wide variety of music, from dance, to swing, latin, samba...he was all over the map, but mixed it all together very well. We had a great time dancing and watching the Germans dance. Let's just say that most of the men have the passion to be good dancers, if only they could find the rhythm.
Fireworks are sold here around New Years. Teenagers and such were having a great time throwing them at each other and scaring unsuspecting elders with them in the subway. Reminded me of the old 4th of July fireworks wars, so I was appreciative.
Shea and I had a great night ushering in the New Year and will certainly be going back to that place again. Happy 2009!